Build to be game-changer

27 Jun 2018 Seymour Telegraph, Seymour VIC (General News) by Gus McCubbing With Seymour College students off on winter holidays from Friday, work on the schools new senior learning building, worth more than $6 million, is set to begin. A space has already been cleared behind the schools basketball courts, with the centrally-located building expected to be completed within 18 months of the site preparation undertaken in July. Seymour College principal Gail Hardman said the new building will resolve the problem of students having to cover a lot ground between classes. The students will be able to access their teachers and resources, and theyll be a lot closer to the library, she said. Theyll have the concentration . . . and so well be able to keep an eye on their learning and development a place where they feel comfortable learning. Seymour College school council president Tiffany Goodman said the new senior building would be a game-changer for students and staff. While we understand that the buildings will eventually be removed, its very important to the college that the students still have facilities they can use and be comfortable in, she said. So were always working towards that balance, but when the school is finally completed in its entirety, it will be an exceptional facility for the community. Seymour College assistant principal Derek Rimes said the new building would also benefit the school by making it a more attractive prospect for new parents. It helps with enrolments when youre showing parents around, because you show them something in progress thats going to be a good opportunity for their children, he said. When youve got potential enrolments coming through it makes a big difference, so its an important step for the college to be taking at the moment. Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes, who recently visited Seymour College, said the schools families and teachers had been patient in waiting for upgrades to the school. Students at Seymour College will soon have the modern classrooms and school facilities they need to get the great education they deserve, she said.