There was no rain on the Hubs parade

19 Sep 2018 McIvor Times, Heathcote VIC (General News) Locals enjoy tour of childrens facility INCLEMENT weather didnt dampen spirits nor the number of locals who turned up to see firsthand what has been going on behind the fence at 165 High St for the past three months. More than 50 people toured Bunbunarik Childrens Hub, including Member for northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes. Sandra Slatter, chair of Heathcote Community Childrens Services Association (HCCSA), said every visitor was pleasantly surprised at the magnitude of the facility. Ms Slatter provided an explanation of the facility and an introduction to the services and programs which will be provided at the Bunbunarik Childrens Hub. She also gave an insight into HCCSA future inspirations while visitors were invited to have a look at the facility layout. The goal was to have stage one of the Hub completed by the end of November, and that funding was still being sought to complete all stages, Ms Slatter said. When completed, the project will have cost almost $2 million and be something that Ms Slatter said the community can be very proud of. Jaclyn Symes congratulated Sandra and the HCCSA on the development and the progress to date. Ms Symes said the Hub was a prime example of how a community can work together to realise a dream. The Hub will provide a range of services and programs together with a 76-placement childcare centre. Ms Slatter said it will also create a substantial economic stimulus to the community providing 35 jobs at the childcare centre, and when operating at full capacity will generate $650,000 into the community plus the potential for a further 13 jobs. If youre interested in viewing the facility or want more information, call 0417 350 911 or email